Top 20 ways Kissing!

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1. Special Valentine.
Leave a trail kiss-shaped "V" in the face of your partner. Beginning in the eyes right, go down slowly to the nose, lips, chin, and ends in the eyes of the left.

2. Multipurpose 14
Tell him that relates to the 14th, there will be 14 times kissing him all day. Make it wait wait, what kind of kiss he get next.

3. Ala Jadoel.
Like in the old films in the 1950s, chin to hold the pair with two palms, face lift slowly, then give him a kiss on the lips with a very, very soft.

4. Whispered probe
In everyday situations and routine, she suddenly hug from behind, whispering how much you love her, gently kiss her ear, then
remove immediately. Make it curious!

5. I thought not
Similar to number 4, in an atmosphere of everyday life, a sudden kiss briefly pipinya.Katakan how important he is in your life.

6. Eyes Matahariku
As before kissing, when her eyes closed, switch to the second kiss his eyelids quickly and lightly.

7. Cat and mouse
Play like a cat. Caress her legs while meowing hopes on the arrival of a kiss.

8. Kiss Hard
Stroked her hair, rubbed the back of his head, then pull his head closer, then kissed with deep, long, and rather rough manner. This can only be done if the relationship is long enough.

9. Shopping Cart
When shopping at a grocery store are both great, berlombalah looking for one item of goods. The first finding entitled to a kiss.

10.Second Chance
As if such an ordinary farewell kiss and a quick short course. But soon after that, grab his hand, did kiss both long and deep and vibrant.

Wait 11.Sebuah
Call her in the morning, promised a kiss tonight. After lunch will give a reminder that promise. Then 2 hours before the meeting. Then 1 hour. 30 min. 15 min. And in akhirnyaketemuan, do it slowly, slow, deep, soft, and lamaaaaa once.

12.Dokter Love
Make an eye chart acuity test with the letter is increasingly under increasingly smaller, sepertibiasa found in the doctor's mata.Pada smallest letter write, "If you read thisyou cans are standing close Enough to kiss me."

13.Ciuman Gifts
Promises a kiss for each cigarette that is not smoked, for each day in which the clothes and shoes placed neatly and politely in place.

Wet 14.Terlanjur
When heavy rains, go out together danmem open umbrella. Then kiss her. When the hot, throw the umbrella away, go kiss up to you really wet.

Ice Cold 15.Ciuman
Kulumlah an ice cube, then you berduaberciuman. Try to remove ice cubes from mouth to mouth. It would be fun and full of surprises.

16.Spiderman Kiss
Just like a movie scene. Kissing in reverse. Sensational! How hanging like Spiderman, how? Yes pikirin alone, dong.

17.Spider Kiss
While we were kissing, gently gigitlah one of the main lips. Beware, do not get hurt dia.Rasa passionately he wanted a kiss will lead to additional.

Artificial 18.Pernafasan
Kala swim together, put his head into the water, hold breath, then give him artificial respiration. Can also does artificial respiration on land only. Why even bother in the water.

19.Ciuman Astronomy
Lie down both in the open air, watching the stars. For each star cluster that can be recognized, ask for a kiss rations. Likewise, if you both managed to observe konstelasiyang same.

20.Takut caught
In one occasion a party or a regular working day, menyelinaplah to the emergency stairs, or in the elevator, or a less traveled corner of others. Berciumanlah there. Feelings of fear caught will produce different sensations!

Create a Romantic Atmosphere With Your Spouse, with the Tips Above, I hope to maintain harmony Can Help Your Relationship ..

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