10 Tips for beginners Kissing

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Tips for beginners :

1. Keep you do not salivate when kissing, so keep your saliva even if you're passionate with your partner.

2. Never put your tongue in your partner's throat, then he might choke or suffocate. Keep your tongue to yourself, at least for the first kiss.

3. Do not let your spouse sleep, because the longer you wait to kiss her.

4. Close your eyes when kissing, so that sensation is more pronounced.

 5. Touch your spouse, with a soft touch after that wait until the he gestured for a kiss.

6. Do not tense, stay relaxed. Breathe do not breathe regularly hunted down like a dog, with regular breath you can control the game.

7. Do not ever ask your partner to kiss her. even though you think so, more women generally are when given a surprise. Asking your partner to kiss will make you like a timid and unsure, but does not look sweet and sensitive. So, be a man. Of course, before you kiss, you must make sure first that your spouse also wants it.

8. You have to know when the moment to kiss her, for example, talks stalled and then your eyes met the eyes of your partner and you might catch a signal from his eyes, then that's a good time. But be careful with false signals could have been your partner's eyes blink as get smth. In the eye. So distinguishing between the eyes get smth. In the eye and the eye that signals to smooch.

9. Fixed guard your attitude, do not look in a hurry. Because if you kiss in haste your partner will think that you people who lack patience.

10. Never kiss in public, let alone in front of the couple who were fighting

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