6 ways easy writing text on android

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PHONE intelligent (smartphones) offers a variety of convenience, not least based on Android. Here are six easy ways to type text on the mobile-phone based on Android.

1. Android Use Voice-to-Text

Voice recognition feature that can be found on the Android-based phone and version 2.1 that comes afterward. Android Armed with Voice-to-Text, typing can be done via voice. To use it, ketukkan microphone key is located on the lower left corner of the keyboard. Alternatively, slide a finger along the keyboard from right to left. The move will bring the box Speak Now. If the box has appeared, you can start talking and the system will translate the words in text form. However, currently the system only recognize English words such as comma, point, sad face to type a comma and dot, and sad facial expressions.

2. Vlingo Use

Vlingo Applications can be downloaded for free at Android Market application store online. Vlingo can dictate the sound of the phone based on Android. Applications that have more sophisticated capabilities than function Voice-to-Text. For example, with a touch screen, mobile users can directly contact the numbers listed in contacts.

Vlingo also be used to create and send SMS and email, searching the web site, giving instructions and
open other applications simply by speaking a few words. To enable Vlingo, tap the widget on the home screen or press the Search on the phone.

3. Take advantage of Google Voice Actions

The new feature was launched a few days ago that only can be used in mobile-phone based on Android 2.2. Google Voice Actions works by combining the ability to recognize voices and the search function (Search) on the phone. A number of commands on the Voice Actions similar to those on Vlingo. Call it the command to send text, call, send an e-mail to, navigate to, directions to and map of. Even so, there is also a command that did not work in other applications such as note to self, go to and listen to. Voice Actions provided free of charge via the Android Market.

4. Typing with Swype

Swype Android-based phone allows users to type simply by shifting their fingers on the virtual keyboard. This means that users do not need to be tapped a finger on the letters or numbers to type text. Creator Swype application claims the system can accelerate the time of typing about 20-30 percent faster than using a standard keyboard.

5. Use the feature prediction SwiftKey

Remember T9 predictive features that can be used to guess the word? Well, SwiftKey prediction feature similar to that. As stated in the pcworld.com website, SwiftKey can predict what the user wants to say with a brilliant. SwiftKey work with down the words that have been typed, and then use it as a basis for guessing. The program can begin to predict when users type two characters. SwiftKey can be obtained for free at Android Market.

6. Take advantage BlindType

As the name suggests, BlindType application is made for users to type without having to view the phone screen. The application was unique because it can produce writing that the user is trying to say even though they are pointing fingers the wrong numbers or letters.

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