Block SMS on Blackberry Trash

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Often irritated receive SMS spam with any offer or attempt fraud that annoying? Sms Offers insurance, loans, or efforts to ask for credit fraud?

If yes, Do not worry. Blackberry you provide standard facilities to block junk sms firewall features with the Blackberry.

By using the Blackberry Firewall, directly block spam sms you do not want filtered directly without time to give your sms tones.

Very comfortable to use if you received 10 spam sms or more in a day. Because it can reduce the potential aggravation because these unwanted sms.

In addition to blocking the SMS, the Blackberry can also use a firewall to block an email or PIN unknown or unwanted to not disturb us.

But do not forget, it enabled our contacts tab for an sms from someone you do not participate in the reject.
Step by Step Blocking SMS with Blackberry Firewall

Blackberry Firewall available on the menu Options -> Security -> Firewall, you can activate to block spam sms or sms junk you do not want.

1. Click the Options menu to block sms
2. Click the Security menu
3. Click the Firewall menu
4. Select and tick the option Enable
5. Choose the type of block you want (sms, pin, or email)
6. Select and tick the option Contacts for contacts you do not participate blocked.
7. Save and Exit

After all on-save, you should do a soft reset or disconnect the battery and plug it in again for more afdol activate Blackberry Firewall.

Once the program is running, all the spam sms or sms from unknown numbers going straight into the trash without the need to read to us.

One of disadvantages, maybe if your companion is not listed on your contact list or use the new number its automated electronic messaging will also be filtered and can not be read by you.

For alternative ways to block unwanted junk sms with more features you can find on the menu Blackberry Application World (App World).

Then please use the search facility (magnifying glass icon) using the keywords: sms filter, mail filter, sms blocker, or call blocker.

There are various applications available there, either for free (free) or paid applications that the average price is also relatively not too expensive when measured in its function.

SRS private call sms email blockerSaya eventually also use the commercial application of SRS Call SMS Blocker and Email, to further increase the rejection function sms, email or call is not known which is sometimes quite disturbing.

The reason for the selection of SRS applications and Email Call SMS Blocker is also because the functions that include filtering functions of SMS, Email and phone call (call), because other programs average only one or two functions only.

Freeware version of the SRS Call SMS Blocker and Email it to try to block one number. But the paid version which costs $ 9.99 has many features and parameters that we can set itself to filter SMS, calls or unsolicited emails. (Blockir Trash SMS on the Blackberry)

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