10 Tips On Asking Men To ban a woman's boyfriend or prospective lover

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David DeAngelo, author of "Double Your Dating," gives 10 tips for men does not make a mistake that later will regret in dating. What is it?

First, as quoted from Bullz-Eye.com, men do not need to ask the woman whether she should kiss him or not. Request permission to kiss her would only make him look like the children in her eyes, and it did not interest him.

Second, men do not need to ask the woman if she could ask her out or not. Most women are more comfortable with a man who spirited like a leader, not someone who always ask permission to do this or that. Better to ask dating man said confidently, "We must talk occasionally. How telponmu number? "

Third, men do not need to brag and show off about a car that he owned or the type of house she inhabited. In the eyes of women, it shows clearly that he is trying hard to impress in front of him. Women far more interested in men who do not talk about property in the conversation.

Fourth, men do not need to ask the woman about what he wanted to do tonight. Women like men who have a plan. Men should have a plan before a date a woman, for her date does not need to be co-burdened with having to go think about what they should do to spend time together.

Fifth, men do not need to ask the woman about whether she liked it or not. This generally eliminates entirely female attraction to men, because it makes him look not have self-confidence. Better to assume that she likes you.

Sixth, men do not need to ask the woman about why she never replied to an SMS or e-mail. It made him look too demanding in her eyes. As a result, women become insecure nearby.

Seventh, the man does not need to ask the woman about how men never date him. It makes women feel their privacy compromised.

Eighth, a man does not need to ask about when the next date. Most women love a challenge, and he will lose interest if knowing the man also likes him. At that point, she feels to win, and there goes the challenge he was looking for.

Ninth, men do not need to ask the woman about what steps or things they would do next. Women prefer a man who somewhat unpredictable and spontaneous.

Tenth, men do not need to ask the woman about the ugliness of the woman's friends, especially when he is not too familiar with his friend.

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