Tips for Buying HandPhone Android second / Used

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Be careful and more thorough if you want to buy an item related to the former especially the names of Communication Technology, Electronics, and Hardware (Hardware) HP lainnya.Banyak outstanding from mainland Chinese goods that are not feasible in use in the waste to Indonesia is in a state Rekondisi.Mungkin few tips to prevent and avoid you from fraud Victims HP and should you note, Namely:

Mobile non-warranty or BM (Black Market)
Try not to buy phones that BM, as many risks that could occur in it. As an example, his jamper on the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) which sometimes has an error, or if the original flash program installed, there will be a "Contact Service", as well as other damages that may be difficult to be restored.

Charger and spare parts
You can pay attention to his charger. Usually that is not original, then the charging process it will be longer than the original version. Physical charger is heavier than the original that is not original. Longer than the original cable that is not original. Should you choose a phone that has a service network that much, because it can help you in repairing the damage that may occur when you use these phones, as well as the availability of spare parts or spare parts or accessories that complete mobile phone.

You can ask about the condition of the battery, is it still good or alias problematic leaks. Leaking batteries usually only one or two days bartahan in standby position and a few hours when the condition is often used. The battery on some phones the former generally have a resistance when the standby and talktime is shorter. To test battery life, then you can call toll free in the long term.

Physical Condition
Check out conditions as well as in mobile phones, is still good or has been disabled. You should also open the phone casing is to ascertain whether the mobile phone has been dropped or had improved (the service). Note the condition of the LCD is still in good condition or has been blurred, also check its authenticity. Next turn on the phone, try all the buttons on the keypad if there is a stuck or even not working. Try pressing any number key on the keypad as much as possible and make sure the phone does not 'hang'. Then make sure the functions on any menu to function properly, such as ringtones, vibration, camera, and so forth. See also enginenya. Do not let the engine was replaced with another version. Sometimes the casing is still nice to fool you to pay more.

You must ensure that the mobile signal is still in good condition. If the phone when tested, then suddenly turns itself off then you should be careful because the phone was problematic, can be caused if the battery and its IC Power weak.

IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity)
You can match the similarity between all the phones IMEI number (usually printed on the back of the phone or behind the battery), the IMEI number on the program your phone or mobile machine, and the IMEI number listed in phone boxes.

Investigate carefully
Do not until you buy the goods are not evil or anything like that. If you find that you buy your friend's property is lost then the business can be a hassle. You should make sure that the phone is not stolen cell phone by looking at the completeness of the used cell phone that includes, like the dos and manuals that came with the phone, also complementary accessories that sometimes also included when purchasing a new phone, like for example hands free.

Funds and prices
You should first survey of mobile phone and PDA second price prevailing at that time. Knowledge of the price will save you from paying more than market price. Before you make an offer you should know the new price these phones on the market, comparing the offer price of the used mobile phones with new phones on the market price. To find out the price, you can check the newspapers or the media or sites that contain a lot of phone prices.

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