Tutorial Upgrade OS BlackBerry

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First download the first fileDesktop Manager (DM) and files Operating System (OS) in http://www.gopego.com, prepare the Data Cable (Data Cable).

Once the DM and OS files successfully downloaded, then

Install Desktop Manager (DM) on your computer:

1. Make sure the Hands Held (HH) or the Blackberry in a state not connected to the computer

2. Install DM

3. When finished installing DM

Install Operating System (OS) on your computer:

4. Install the desired OS in accordance with the type HH

5. Finish install OS browse to c: / program files / common files / research in motion / apploader / find files
vendor.xmldan vendor.xml delete these files.

The reason why the file should be deleted because if the OS files that we have not in accordance with our Blackberry-type carrier there can be non skewer Operating System that causes the crash. For example: T-Mobile OS files, but our carrier is Verizon's Blackberry.

6. After the OS installed and then run DM, turn off all connections in HH: Mobile Network, Wifi and Bluetooth and data cable plug into computer USB HH.

Back Up Data:

7. Back Up HH data in a way to delete old cache in Browser and Event Log (alt + lglg), for the latest Blackberry type may not need to do this. After that, Back Up data can be done, namely:

Back Up All: DM> Backup and Restore> Back Up All (all data and settings in a back-up)

Back Up Advance (Custom): DM> Backup and Restore> Advanced (Custom) data are selected according to needs

Back Up Quick: DM> Backup and Restore> Quick all data except email data. This feature is in DM version 6 Beta.

I'll back up these results will generate a file with the extension *. IPD.

Back Up Application:

8. Back up 3rd Application can also be done through the DM, by way of entry into the Switch Device Wizard> BlackBerry Device Switch> Options> check the Third Party Applications> click Next. Let the backup run to completion? there will be a choice, do not select Cancel or whatever, let it alone. Immediately search using search engines on the C drive, folder bernamakan your BB PIN. Having met the cut and paste the folder on the drive that you want. After that back to just select Cancel DM back up 3rd application process earlier. Folder that you cut and paste was the folder that contains the data you back up 3rd a useful application later to Restore 3rd application usually with the file name *. alx (pinbb.alx).

Or more simply backup with BBSAK computer program, later will produce a file with an. Alx,. Jad or. Cod. All file extensions can be restored through BBSAK.


Download computer applications such as JL_CMDR, JL application of this Commander is a tool to wipe or erase your data completely HH HH. Do not be afraid of the PIN and IMEI is not lost. After the download and then install JL_CMDR to the computer. Close DM. After that run JL_CMDR, and select no.4 (wipe device), follow the instructions. Wipe the process is running, after which it will exit info Error 507 means your BB is empty, do not panic!

Install / Upgrade OS:

9. Go to c: \ Program Files \ Common Files \ Research In Motion \ AppLoader \ Loader.exe. Run Loader.exe from that directory. OS to be installed into the HH was the last OS version that is installed according to type HH. Select application-application that will be installed and then follow the instructions continue (next) until the finish. Wait until all install and boot process is complete.

3rd Restore Application:

10. Once the new OS has been installed on HH, then restore 3rd Application first. How to run the DM> Application Loader> Browse> go to the folder with the name of your BB Pin previously you copy and paste the above (read? Back Up the Application?), And select a file with the extension *. alx. Or to be more easy to use application BBSAK earlier (read? Back Up the Application?).

Restore Data:

11. After the 3rd application is successful at the next restore data, how to run the DM> Backup and Restore> Restore> Browse to the folder containing the files you had backed up and select a file with the extension *. IPD. If there are errors in the restore, is to manually restore from backup files that already exist, this can be done in DM latest version (version 5 or 6).

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