Save Nuked BlackBerry

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This is called nuked. This usually happens, especially on OS hybrid. Not that the official OS is safe from nuked. I have experienced several times, including in official OS.

The fix is easy, with the stance "no JVM".

But keep in mind, your data can not be saved. So youforced to to use the last backup of the computer or laptop .

The necessary hardware such as computers or laptops, and data cable. Required software desktop manager and OS according to type your blackberry which is already installed on your computer or laptop.

Here are the steps:

* pull the data cable

* remove the battery blackberry

* signed in ms dos prompt

c: \ program files \ common files \ research in motion \ apploader \

* type: loader.exe / nojvm

* click next, connect the data cable connected to a blackberry without a battery, when the tar-detect "unknown pin" right click next

* choose what will be installed to blackberries, click next

* insert the batteries immediately while reconnecting JVM

* wait until the Blackberry reboots and appears homescreennya

* finished

Good luck.

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