Gtalk Flash Video Chat App To Get in Gingerbread

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Until now, only users with Android 2.3.4 Nexus S are able to enjoy video chat Gtalk feature. What about other Gingerbread user? There is a very easy way to get video chat Gtalk without having to wait for OTA updates. You can just do the flash of a zip file and afterwards you can enjoy video chat Gtalk feature.

What should you consider before doing the flash is the phone must have been in a condition rooted. Secondly, the phone has been running the Gingerbread, any version. Ready? Please follow these steps:

1. Backup ROM
2. Download the zip file
3. Put the zip file in the root of sd card (not in the folder)
4. Use a flash ROM manager for zip files or boot into recovery manually and flash zip file.
5. Enjoy =)

See also the video demo below:

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