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Starting from a coincidence, this community grew rapidly. They speak in one language: the BlackBerry.

One afternoon in a cafe in the number Senayan. Some people-among them Iwan Soerjono, Abu Almaujudy, Great Widjanarko, Deddy Avianto, and Raditya Mahendra-joking after launching the BB Connect is held by Nokia and Indosat.

"Eh BlackBerry milisnya not already there, anyway? If not let us make ... "said Jang.

That was the beginning of this digital community. Iwan directly create an embryo id-blackberry mailing list at yahoogroups. Ten members collected first. Uniquely, the four men are men and two of them instead of BlackBerry users, including Iwan.

This community was active for a while but eventually suspended animation. Subscription fee of Rp 400 thousand a month that became the main obstacle.

Along with the development of the BlackBerry, a service launched a cheap package for this Canadian-based smartphone. Before long, this list is active again. Of the approximately 30 members, members swelled to a thousand at the end of 2007 and soared to 7,000 today.

Paro, 2007, Iwan was unable to handle this mailing list for daily activities. He handed over control to the mailing list is coded G. Ariel S. Between what is known as e (S) MoD. In addition to Ariel, a number of moderators was trusted to manage this digital community.

From the beginning, this mailing list retainer is committed to being independent and not tied to any operator. Understandably, a number of officials and decision makers all leading operators in Indonesia has also joined this mailing list.

Discussions do not know the limits on this list could make RIM surprised. The reason is, between the operators and consumers can sit down and discuss BlackBerry bluntly honest discussion and objectivity are guaranteed quality.

RIM did not have to wonder if they remember that all id-bb member speak in one language: the BlackBerry.

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