Tips on How to Backup Data Application in the IOS Using Appbackup [jailbroken]

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Backup application data is very important. Restore from a jailbroken backup is not recommended because it will cause many problems such as crashes and freezes. For that you should always do new restore.

But what about all the game data as well as other data stored in the application? If you do not restore from backup, if all data will be lost?

There are many reasons why you need to restore your iPhone / IPAD / iPod Touch as a whole. But whatever your reason, appbackup is a perfect choice to store all data so it will not disappear.
Cydia has a lightweight application named appbackup. This application serves to backup and store data in any application for the App Store apps you want. It should also be noted, jailbroken appbackup not to store data.

1.For the data backup application, the following things must exist:

- jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
- appbackup
- iPhone explorer or SSH client on the Mac / PC. We recommend using the iPhone Explorer because it is easy to use and free.

2. Backing up App Store applications

Download appback free via Cydia.

- Run appbackup. You will be faced with a long list of all App Store applications are already installed on your iDevice.

- There are two choices: You can save all the data application or you can select a few applications only.
- To save all the data tap 'All' in the bottom left corner.
- To make a backup just in a particular application, tap the name of the application you are referring to and then click 'back up'. Do the same way for all the applications you want.

- Before the backup process, you will see an application that stores all your data.

3. Backup and Transfer From Mac to PC
- After creating a backup for all applications, connect iDevice on a Mac / PC.
- Open the iPhone Explorer or SSH.
- appbackup will store all backups in file path: / var / mobile / Library / Preferences / AppBackup

- go into the folder and create a copy of that folder on the Mac / PC.

- Now the backup has been stored in a secure folder. Continue to restore as new devices and do rejailbreak.

4. Restoring the application data into iDevice
- After a restore device and rejailbreak, go back to Cydia and reinstall appbackup.

- Connect back to the computer and open iDevice: / var / mobile / Library / Preferences / AppBackup
 - Replace AppBackup folder with the folder you saved earlier.
 - If the iPhone Explorer or SSH client gives a notification, select the overwrite / replace the files in question. Make sure you copy it in the appropriate directory.
- Jalanakan appbackup in iDevice. On the lower left corner, tap 'All' and select 'Restore'. By doing that then all applications will save the data was restored from backup.
- Done!

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