Seven Scientists Dating Tips

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If you are confused by the many good suggestions on how dating, perhaps it is time to switch to the views of scientists. Do not be surprised!

Besides busy finding a cure for HIV or explore the outer planets that allows for the occupied people, the scientists were also researching on the factors that give a person an opportunity admiration of his date.

Here are some dating tips that has been their style of scientists in a laboratory test, quoted from Datingtips and the Guardian.

  • Make yourself warm
One study conducted at the University of Colorado at Boulder shows the temperature will affect how you assess the personality of a date or vice versa.
In one experiment, participants who held a cup of hot tea were more likely to be assessed a date as someone who has a warmer personality than those who were holding a glass of iced coffee.

  • Speaking in his right ear
One study conducted by two psychologists Italy shows that a person, whether male or female, who received a greeting through the right ear, they are more likely to process information and willing to accept it.

  • Play music appropriate
It has been proven in one study conducted French psychologists that women who had been listening to the songs with romantic lyrics, is more likely to give their phone numbers to men than those who only listen to songs neutral.
So, when you are dating, Condition song playing really good and appropriate, given the song had a role in regulating mood listener.

  • Take advantage of the fear
Ever wonder why people say that watching a horror movie is a good way to date? A group of psychologists from the University of British Columbia studying human attraction using two bridges, swaying suspension bridge and another bridge is very sturdy.

The study shows that men who crossed the swaying bridge is more likely to try to approach a woman standing at the end of the bridge, than men who crossed the bridge strong.

This study concluded that men seem wrong to understand their anxiety, actually the opposite of anxiety or fear can become their own sexual attraction.

  • Hide your feelings
According to a study published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science found that women are more attracted to a man when he was not convinced by the man's feelings to him (unambiguous).

So, when you're dating, you should not be too open, otherwise let the him to guess first, because most women will be attracted by this kind of man.

  • Small groups
In another study in Psychological Science, people tend to decide to choose a date with someone who has been associated with him or in small groups during this dilibati. For example, a group at church, school, or the environment.

  • Wear red clothing
In one study in 2008 at the University of Rochester, men and women have a special fascination with people who wear red clothing.

The researchers showed that the color red "serves as an aphrodisiac (libido-enhancing ingredients) for men because it carries the meaning of sex and romance."

Meanwhile, for most women, men who wear red or standing in front of a red background, can be interpreted this man has social and economic status is higher.

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