Control Tips Jealous Face Women's Boyfriend

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Jealousy is often out of control when he heard or come across a friend or loved one is with girlfriends. Pain is often provoked controversy even without complete resolution.

In order to keep harmonious relations, control, jealousy in the face of your beloved friend of the opposite sex with the following tips, as quoted from She Knows:

1. Do not assume bad
Do not make a bad assumption that a lady friend wants to take care your loved one. Should be cool. Do not be too berburuk thought.

2. Give a chance communications
Maybe you could become her friend. Give him a chance. Make her friends for you and your lover. There are advantages here, you can extract information about your spouse of the woman.

3. Do not be cold
You can not kill a good relationship and friendship opportunities in the future. So, do not be cold and unpleasant to female friends of your partner.

4. Do not panic
If you begin to suspect her lover with a friend, do not immediately panic. If the intention of becoming increasingly clear that women want to win the heart of your spouse, make sure your partner knows the feeling. Let the lover who made ​​the decision to stay away from his girlfriend.

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