Google Translate Update for Android

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Google Translate is a translation service from Google that is now available in the form of applications that can run from the device with the Android operating system. Google Translate as a miracle, you can take some or all of the text or even a complete website and translate it in a matter of milliseconds from one language to another.

As we know that this application may not produce a perfect translation, but enough about these applications provide a general picture, to understand a text or make a sentence.

Google Translate application was also present for devices with IOS operating system other than system Android, it appears to the users of Android is already getting special treatment from Google. With the new version of Google Translate, the text in "say" sounds much more humane. In addition, there is the addition of language in this version, namely Japanese, Arabic and Korean. Now a total of 58 languages ​​to translate from and into the text regular and 24 which can be pronounced with voice.

To be able to run this application, you need a device that runs the Android operating system 2.1.

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