Adding Disk Space By Deleting a Backup IOS(Tips)

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Adding disk space becomes necessary when you run sync your iPhone, iPod Touch or IPAD to the laptop / PC and the display shows the disk space is not sufficient to conduct the process. So how did the addition of disk space that?

You know the IOS device may contain data on 8GB to 64GB space. Some of you even have more than one IOS device so that the data you have anything growing.

Although iTunes often make regular backups, but the new device, a restore as new, updates and a host of new content could cause the backups continue to accumulate and spend the space if left in for months or even years.

All you need to do to overcome this is to add disk space by deleting the existing backup file. And to do all that it takes courage. Do not be afraid to delete old backup files!

- Delete the backup iTunes
1. Open iTunes on Mac / Windows Pc
2. Navigate to the menu, click on Preferences
3. Click on the Device Tab
4. You will see a list of IOS devices that terbackup in iTunes. Along with the list also featured data backup. Click on one you want to delete.
5. Click Delete Backup
6. A notification appears and asks if you sure to delete the data?
7. Repeat the same steps for other backups you want to delete. Remember not to delete all backups, or do not delete the latest backup. If you delete the latest backup then most likely you can no longer restore the iPhone, iPod Touch / iPad.

Deleting multiple files one by one can be very boring but the steps above are the simplest way to remove the backup files. But if you prefer to store the backup in the drive or disk, would be very dangerous if you delete it unless you activate the file system.

- Where is the iTunes store IOS backups?

Mac: ~ / Library / Application Support / Mobile Sync / Backups
Windows: ~ \ Application Data \ Apple Computer \ MobileSync \ Backup

Note: a ~ refers to user directory. Example: HD / Users / Rene Ritchie / Library

In the directory that you can see a pile of seemingly random folders. Folders are also coupled with the info to see the backup size. This will help you see the folder where the most dining space.

- Archive / Delete old backups

Deleting files is always accompanied by risks, so think carefully before doing it. If you are unsure or think that file might be useful at a later time, just copy the files in question and store in an external hard drive or burn on DVD.

If you want to delete, you can sort by date. Files that he was more than 2 months, for example, you can delete.

- Note: do not ever stop doing backups!
Probably never occurred to you to not back up iTunes because it wanted to run out of disk space tida. Do not even think let alone do it. Whatever the reason, backup is very important.

If you upgrade the device or firmware update, backups will return the exact same content as the last time you sync with iTunes. Bakcup will provide photos, messages, music and other personal data that you can not find or download elsewhere. That is why the backup process into a mandatory thing to do.

So, make sure you backup regularly.

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