Acquisition Game Rovio Casey's contraptions

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Rovio has just announced the achievement of the 1 billion download Angry Birds, now other developers are making the news. Rovio announced that it has purchased the IP (Intellectual Property) of the named Casey's contraptions game developer's Snappy Touch and Mystery Coconut.

Reporting from SlashGear, Thursday (05/10/2012), Rovio will be refreshing this game, possibly with the addition of content and graphics. The original version of the game itself has been removed from the App Store.

Casey's contraptions game requires the user to manipulate and place objects in order to solve the puzzle in place. Unfortunately, his name is not very famous.

Reportedly, Rovio will be bringing a new version of the game Casey's contraptions to IOS, Android, and then catch up to another platform. With the ownership of this game in the hands of Rovio, would it be to gain success as Angry Birds?

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