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Why powerful? Because SocialScope combines Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and Foursquare into one application. Rarely is the application as complete. SocialScope support the BlackBerry, iPhone, Palm, Android, Windows Phone, and other devices. However, today they released the dominant application for BlackBerry.

There are several things to note:

1. Connection
When you first log in, you will be asked connections to be used. Make sure the BIS so that pulses are not cut off anymore. Options that can be changed from the settings menu. That must be considered SocialScope can run if you use BIS Full service because it uses the BlackBerry browser service.

2. Spell Check
Spell Check option will be active by default. Create an unusual very annoying because it will continue to check the spelling of the language used before the status / twet sent.
Turn off that option from the menu: Settings - Advance - Spell Check before Sending - No.

3. Feedback
SocialScope still in early stages of development and is still in Beta version. Any feedback is they expect and you can submit bugs / errors by any form provided. Form is very user friendly and email will be sent directly to SocialScope support. The more actively send feedback, you will be prioritized to receive updates before the official release version.

For the convenience of using SocialScope, not afdol if not looking at some shortcuts. Gopego have shortcuts that are very useful tips when using SocialScope.

U / C: Update tweets / status
R: Reply Selected Entry
K: Reply to All

S / F: Share / Forward tweet
There are three options here: ReTweet, Quote (edited ReTweet), Email (share the link via e-mail game).

D: Direct Message
Q: Private Message
Option to enable it to function when more than one account, eg Facebook and Twitter. Private Message will be sent to the selected account.

L / O: Refresh

Q: To Top of Timeline
B: To Bottom of the Timeline
N: Move to next item

A: Add to list
V: Favoriting

G: Go to user
S: Go to search

Space Bar: Display the next 3 items plus refresh timeline
Shift + Space Bar: Display the previous 3 items plus timeline refresh

So, have fun with SocialScope, Tweeps ...:)

* Shortcut SocialScope explored from BlackBerry QWERTY
* SocialScope invitation code can be downloaded by request via the

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