iPad 3 Comes Early 2012?

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Apple touted would reinforce his authority in the realm through the presence iPad tablet PC 3. Latest generation of computer touch screens are even reported will appear in early 2012.

A source of The Wall Street Journal that claimed close to mentioning this issue, the process of making the iPad 3 will begin in October 2011, so that at the beginning of next year the launch and distribution process can already be realized.

Apple is still not go to vote. But if this news proves true, then certainly Apple will be increasingly strong in industrial tablet PC.

The reason is, since the birth of the first generation iPad early 2010, Apple seemed no opponent in this business even though the tablet PC product line began to flood the market. It is also increasingly emphasized as the emergence of iPad 2 which debuted in March 2011, Apple is increasingly difficult to pursue.

Now, it's news about iPad 3 competitors will be increasingly difficult for Apple to try to attract the attention of prospective buyers. Moreover, the iPad 3 supposedly will carry a higher resolution display.

In comparison, the iPad 3 rumored to be carrying the display resolution of 2048 x 1536, while the iPad 2 has a resolution of 1024 x 768. While the width of the screen is still believed to be carrying the 9.7-inch wide, like the previous editions.

Previously, Apple is reportedly experiencing supply constraints retinal display for iPad 3. The delay is touted as retinal display which is one important component iPad 3 still not ready.

Retinal display does require special care in its manufacture. In addition to a fairly high degree of difficulty, these screens require a backlight source was larger and single edge light bar is difficult to achieve the perfect level of satisfaction.

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