Fixing Stuck BlackBerry in Headset Mode

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Error mode the headset is usually the case on the Blackberry Bold 9700.
There are two symptoms if your BlackBerry screen displays the image as below:
- Screenshot as in the image will appear on the screen when the phone BlackBerry
- You can not hear what was being said even if the other person over there to hear what you say

From Google Search there are some that have stuck in headset mode error. The reason is the presence of dirt or dust that stuck in headphone jack. BlackBerry sensors also think you are on the phone with a headset plugged. The reality is not. Such problems often experienced by those who put the BlackBerry in your pocket or bag without a body protector. Dirt and dust went out of control. The amount depends on the environment where the user is located.

Fortunately, there is a quick fix! The trick: prepare blower and breathed into the headphone jack. It could also be with your mouth if that air is dissipated sufficiently strong to remove any dirt / dust that makes the headphones sensor error. Someone suggested using a toothpick to pick out the dust / dirt. If it is severe, leave to the experts to open and clean the headphone jack of your BlackBerry.

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