10 Application for Android Smartphones MANDATORY

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6. Screen
After the screen version of the iPhone is now also available for Android. Application of Augmented Reality Display provides information about the places around you, while you're at it. All the info is provided directly on your mobile screen. Technology Augmented Reality (AR) provides a new experience for you to discover new things at once unique in the way you through or in places that you want to know.

7. 3D Compass (AR Compass)

Unlike the other compass applications, 3D compass provides a 3D view of Augmented Reality. You can take screenshots and share with friends via the Auto rotate option map. There is also a real map updates and real time information.

8. Google Goggles
You use the Android smartphone but do not have Google Goggles? Well, immediately download and install from the Android Market. This application uses recognition technology to recognize objects that appear on the screen of your phone. If you're somewhere and do not know the name of the central building you see, snap it and use the Google Goggles to recognize it. Not only his name, but Google Goggles will also provide all relevant information of the building. This application can also translate entries from English, French, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Russia.

9. Astro File Manager

If you want an Android phone in the settings file like in Windows, then Astro File Manager was the answer. With this application you can control what you need on the phone and limit the other things that you do not need. This application can handle the formatting of documents, music, videos and pictures. You can do the backup, image and text displays, networking, search, task manager, and much more.

10. More Icons Widget
If normally you can only put 4 icon on the homescreen widgets, now you can add it to 16 widgets! Yep, all that can be done if you install More Icons Widget.

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