Some Tips for Changing Your Blackberry Themes

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Once you feel bored, or feel less efficient in the menus on your BlackBerry handheld?
The following are some tips that might help you.
First, if you have a blackberry handheld series 81xx, 83xx and 88xx, you get 3 standard themes, namely:

  • Blackberry Icon (standard themes that do not have a blackberry home screen)
  • Zen Blackberry (blackberry themes that have a homescreen that can be set)
  • Blackberry Today (which has the theme blackberry homescreen with the application related to the today screen, such as Messages, Calendar, etc.)
be sure to choose this theme according to your wishes.
Second, if you choose to use a Blackberry theme Zen, on the home screen you will have 5 shortcuts that can be replaced.
5 shortcut always follow the first five applications within your Blackberry handheld menu, to replace it, you simply move the right program you want to the order of 1 to 5.
way, highlight the application icon you want to move it, then press the button with the icon "BB", and select Move.

Third, if you ever try to change your wallpaper?
Probably almost all have been menggantinya.Tetapi sometimes the wallpaper does not have the same resolution screen handheld with us, therefore, we can organize the files of our own wallpaper using some programs like ACD See, or Adobe Photoshop and resize our images with size 320 x 240.

Fourth, if you feel that your application icon in the menu too much, you can organize, how to press the button with the icon "BB" on your handheld, then "Add Folder", customization is your cardboard folder by changing its name, or replace the appropriate icon with which we desire, After that, use method number 2, "Move" applikasinya as you want, and enter into the folders that have been made ​​earlier.

Good luck:)

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