IQ of Young Smokers Tends Lower

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Smoking can cause cancer, heart attacks, impotence, and pregnancy and fetal disorders. Surely you have been so familiar with a written warning on cigarette boxes. But the warning did not remove the following habits.

Well, you know, there is another result of that habit? Namely lower levels of intelligence in the younger generation.

Cigarettes and intelligence

Young smokers tend to have lower intelligence levels than their counterparts who do not smoke. The results of this study released by The Sheba Medical Center, located in the city of Tel Hashomer, Israel.

The researchers took the study of 2,000 people were active smokers between the ages of 18 to 21 years. The results of these studies prove that active smokers only have intelligence or intelligence quotient (IQ) on average in number 94.

Compare with colleagues their own age who do not smoke have a higher IQ points. The average IQ of the non-smokers are at number 101.

The results are more dire views of active smokers who spend a pack of cigarettes a day, their IQ is even lower. IQ points on average they only stood at 90. This will make the smokers who like to spend trunked cigarette of the day getting down the level of intelligence.

The more dangerous

It was smoking, spend one pack a day, fool increasing as well. More and more intake of cigarettes, the lower the IQ of a smoker. This could further jeopardize their health.

With the reduced level of intelligence, the decision to continue to smoke will be even greater. If allowed, this will be dangerous for active smokers, especially smokers who are still in a very vulnerable young age (18 to 21 years).

This study is yet to be supported by other studies. It's just that the results obtained, it would not hurt if you are getting to protect your children from the dangers of smoking, including those that are still single and feel the bright young future.

Do things that make your life more valuable, one of them, avoid smoking!

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