How To Save Battery on Android Phone

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A number of complaints arising from the users of the Android phone is the battery power is relatively short. As is known, Google's Android complete with a variety of connectivity that unfortunately requires a high battery consumption. For example, streaming music is the main feature of Android, but that's what causes the battery quickly drains. If you decide not to do music streaming, then you also would not be able to enjoy this important feature.

There should also note any application that takes a lot of battery. That way you can turn it off when not in use so the battery can be more economical. Some of them:

1. GPS
Use GPS if perlua only. This application uses a large amount of battery power. You can use the Power Control widget to quickly shut down and activate it if needed. To find out ON / OFF you simply look at the notification bar; a GPS icon will appear if the GPS is active.

2. Bluetooth
Turn off Bluetooth if you do not use it. The quickest way to ON / OFF is to press the Bluetooth widget on the homescreen.

 3. WiFi
If a Bluetooth GPS and you should turn off when not in use, then the treatment is slightly different with WiFi. You are allowed to activate the WiFi is continuously rather than having to turn on and off periodically. To continue to enable it please to Settings> Wireless networks> Wi-Fi Settings. Tap the Menu button> Advanced> Wi-Fi sleep policy> Never.

4. Mobile Data
Make sure you turn off the option Always-On the Mobile Data. This menu is active by default, so you have to turn it off yourself. To arrange please go Settings> Wireless & Networks> Mobile networks> Enable always-on mobile data. If the active state, then this feature will make your phone continue to be connected to the Internet. Its function is to obtain a variety of notification, although in reality when you turn off that feature, Gmail and GTalk notification you can still receive. But for other applications that require an internet connection is definitely Mobile Data must be switched on.

5. Screen Timeout
Screen Timeout choose the most appropriate. 15 seconds maybe too quick but 1 minute is too long to let the cell phone screen lights up. Pick 30 seconds. How to set it in the Settings> Screen & Display> Screen timeout.

6. Screen Brightness
Screen Brightness on your phone does require a special battery. To make a 30% brightness at the position. Can be set in the Settings> Screen & Display> Brightness.

7. Wallpaper
Wallpaper with 3D animation is good to see, but remember to move the animation that needs battery power. We recommend using only static wallpaper.

8. AMOLED Display
Not all phones Android uses AMOLED display technology. But if by chance your Android phone equipped with AMOLED display, then you need to know that the point is to save battery usage. This happens because every pixel on the OLED screen is photoemissive which will have its own source of light. That's why mobile phone with AMOLED Display does not require backlight and pixel automatically turned OFF and make it black. As a result, you can save battery usage.

9. Automatic Updates
Use the appropriate interval for automatic updates. Basically you do not need automatic updates except the emails you always want to monitor. You can choose the right time to get automatic updates, you can even set it in the OFF state. If you want to get automatic updates, then set the settings on the longest interval of time.

If you're using HTC's Android phone equipped Sense, you can get updates for HTC Mail Client, the HTC Weather App, Facebook, Flickr, Stocks and Twitter as often as you want. Can be arranged through the Settings> Accounts & sync.

If still in doubt whether you're running applications requiring high battery power or not, you can see in the Settings> About phone> Battery> Battery use and tap on an item to find out the details. Good luck;)

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